Virtual Nursing NOW!
Insights from the Front Lines

In this virtual panel discussion, leaders from a cross-section of healthcare institutions at various stages in their Virtual Nursing journey share their experiences, results, and lessons learned along the way.

Virtual Nursing programs are transforming care delivery. By introducing access to remote nurses at the hospital bedside, health systems are enhancing patient safety, improving workflow efficiency, and reducing burnout for bedside teams as staffing shortages persist.

The challenge is that implementing the hybrid care model represents a paradigm shift that requires a thoughtful approach to change management and technology adoption. During this session, attendees will learn what to anticipate when ramping up a Virtual Nursing program.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to get started with virtual nursing
  • How to unify bedside and virtual nursing teams
  • Real-world benefits of virtual nursing
  • How to cost justify your telenursing program
  • Virtual Nursing's Impact on Patient Experience

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